Bad Timing Records - Kevin Devine - Matter of Time II (Patreon Access)

Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band Matter Of Time II (Patreon Access)


This is the page for members of Kevin Devine's Patreon to purchase Matter Of Time II, along with merch & bundles, and a second pressing of the original Matter Of Time 2xLP. This release will be announced and on-sale to everyone else tomorrow, so please don't share this link!

Matter Of Time II was recorded in February 2021 at Dreamland Studios in Hurley, NY with The Goddamn Band: Kevin Devine, Chris Bracco, Damon Cox, and Mike Strandberg. Much like the original Matter Of Time, which we've re-pressed along with this new release, MOT II was tracked live in studio, engineered by Ariel Shafir, mixed by Bracco and mastered by Jesse Cannon.

Matter Of Time II includes 13 songs (tracklist below), and we've pressed the album on three variants of a 12" LP. You can find info about the three variants for this Matter Of Time II release below, along with some info and pictures of the merch we made for this release -- a tote bag and a slipmat. You also have the option to bundle Matter Of Time II with the second pressing of Matter Of Time. Check below in the pressing information for the details of what each bundle includes -- please read the bundle info carefully!

1. I Used To Be Someone
2. She Can See Me
3. No Why
4. Not Over You Yet
5. Little Bulldozer
6. Bubblegum
7. You're My Incentive
8. Only Yourself
9. No History
10. School (Nirvana Cover)
11. Nobel Prize
12. No One's Waiting Up For Me Tonight
13. Redbird

Pressing Information

Matter of Time II First Pressing:
250 - White & Blue Galaxy
300 - Clear & Red Cloudy
450 - White with Blue & Red Splatter

100 - Microphone Slipmats
50 - MOT II Tote Bags

Matter of Time Second Pressing:
500 - Blue w/ Cloudy Clear Butterfly

Bundles available -- please read carefully:
MOT II Splatter Variant + Slipmat -- $27 (save $3)
MOT II Splatter Variant + Tote Bag -- $33 (save $2)
MOT II Splatter Variant + Slipmat + Tote Bag -- $44 (save $5)
MOT II Cloudy Variant + MOT original second press -- $45 (save $3)
MOT II Cloudy Variant + MOT original second press + Tote Bag + Slipmat -- $65 (save $13)