Bad Timing Records - Kevin Devine - She Can See Me 7"

Kevin Devine She Can See Me


Note: This release was one of the titles that was restocked as part of our 2020 Vault Release. Please note that the units we released in this process have been moved back and forth across different warehouses, distributors and BTR headquarters. Some may have visible signs of damage, such as small splits in jackets -- but we have visually checked each unit to get rid of the ones we view as unacceptable. We will not be able to issue refunds or accept returns on sales from these units except in extreme circumstances, so please consider this before purchasing.

For this record, the units returning to stock will be both variants from the original pressing.

The 'She Can See Me' 7" was the first of many releases in a partnership between Kevin Devine, Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, and Bad Timing Records. Pressing info for this 7" is at the bottom of this page and all 7"s come with a digital download of the songs.

The 7" features both versions of Devine's "She Can See Me," one of which appeared on Bulldozer and the other on Bubblegum. The album art is upside-down on the B-side -- so no matter which side of the jacket you're looking at, the 7" will pop out on the right -- it's basically a double-A-side jacket, we guess.

Pressing Information

Day [Light Blue A-side cover] - 600
Night [Dark Blue B-side cover] - 600