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Cassino - Yellowhammer

April 20, 2022 · BTR-076

Cassino originally released Yellowhammer, their third full-length album and first since 2009's Kingprince, in March 2020. The album is a rejuvenation of Nick Torres' on-and-off project -- it's the first Cassino release recorded in a studio since the 2007 debut LP Sounds of Salvation, as Torres worked with engineer John Hefley at DB Studios in Dickson, TN. Torres wrote and produced Yellowhammer, while Gabe Renfroe added drums and Craig Krampf added additional percussion.

Having already worked with Cassino on a first-time pressing Sounds of Salvation back in 2020, we thought it was only appropriate to help bring Yellowhammer to vinyl as well.

First Pressing:
300 - Blue