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Mansions - Old Best Friends

October 29, 2021 · BTR-072

Continuing a long-going partnership with Mansions, we're pleased to present Old Best Friends, a 12" LP retrospective of the band's career. Old Best Friends is a career-spanning acoustic reimagining of twelve songs, picked from 2009's New Best Friends, 2010's Best of the Bees, 2011's Dig Up The Dead, 2013's Doom Loop, 2017's Deserter and 2020's Big Bad.

Mansions is a Seattle band made up of Louisville, Kentucky transplants Chris Browder and Robin Dove. Inspired by Browder's pandemic project of cataloging every show the band had ever played, Old Best Friends shines a light on the powerful songwriting that underpins Mansions' often massive-sounding production. "When we hit the 10-year anniversary of Dig Up The Dead, it got me thinking about everything we've done over our history," explains Browder. "I went back and listened to all of our records. I was surprised to find that even the stuff that feels old enough to have been a different person still resonates with me. It felt like reinterpreting all these old songs would be a meaningful way to honor that history, while also making it into something new that I can believe in all these years later."