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Bonfires Chicago, IL

Bonfires, the newcomers in Chicago pop rock, like to humbly describe themselves as “just guys being dudes.” After the release of two incredibly promising EPs in 2014, We All Talk About Dying Like We’ve Done It Before and Nothing To Hold/Something To Keep, it’s hard to see this band in such modest terms. Bonfires brazens pop hooks as impressive as the greats and brings in influences from the eclectic tastes of each of their members. With subtle tastes of emo, indie and hardcore buried under the bold pop rock melodies, Bonfires manage to create a style that feels both warmly familiar and excitingly new.

Growing organically out of their hometown scene, Bonfires features a collection of members that have been swirling around in local bands since they were young pups. Once a group of 13-year-old kids spending their weekends at local venues in the Chicago suburbs, Bonfires grew up witnessing the growth of everyone from Fall Out Boy to Alkaline Trio, and being inspired by everyone in between. After years of playing in an array of local bands, Bonfires found themselves with the perfect combination of musicians and songwriters. The band began releasing music as a group in 2014, instantly proving themselves as one of the most gifted bands in the alternative scene.

Bonfires have seen a quick burst of success in their short existence, and it’s easy to understand why. A band that gets their inspiration through fan connection, Bonfires strive to make people feel something in their music. Both lyrically and actively, Bonfires are hoping to harbor a community around them. They write songs to make kids feel less alone. The band speaks to their passion for building a two-way street of interaction and connection. Zech Pluister, the band’s vocalist, explains this goal: “Bands saved my life growing up- I want to do that for kids now.”

Bonfires announced their signing to Bad Timing Records in the spring of 2015. Currently recording a new EP and preparing for a tour with Dry Jacket and Light Years, Bonfires are continuing to grow towards the band they’re destined to be. Keep your eye on these guys, the scene’s new heroes.