Bad Timing Records - About


Bad Timing Records is a steadily developing independent record label run by Thomas Nassiff and Zack Zarrillo from the city of New York. Started as a “bucket list” dream of Nassiff and Zarrillo’s in July 2013 with a first-time vinyl pressing of Acceptance’s Phantoms, the label quickly began gaining a positive reputation in the vinyl community before expanding away from reissues and into original releases.

Over the course of Bad Timing’s first year in business, it has put out seven releases with six different bands, and plans are in place to grow even quicker in Year 2 for the label. With a focus on fostering a trust between themselves and their audience, and on putting out quality music from a variety of different genres, Bad Timing Records hopes to develop into a mainstay in the alternative community for years to come.


  • Thomas Nassiff - Co-Founder, Engineer of Fun Times
  • Zack Zarrillo - Co-Founder, Suit
  • Emily Hakes - Publicity, Business Affairs
  • Matt Delisle - Art Direction
  • Chipotle, Taylor Swift, Brunch - Inspiration

Mailing Address

Bad Timing Records
650 West End Ave
New York, NY 10025

Shipping / Return Policies

If you receive a damaged or otherwise unusable product from us–for example, if your LP got bent in the mail–please email us ASAP and we will sort you out! Sending pictures of damaged jackets, sleeves or records is very helpful. We will replace your purchase with the same record (same variant if it's still available) with no extra cost to you.

We can also help you if you receive the wrong color variant. Mistakes happen, as much as we try to avoid them, and sometimes we send out the wrong color variant of a record. In this case we will ask you to return the record you received (buyer pays return shipping in this case) with a note, and once we receive it, we will mail you the correct variant (we pay that shipping). Again: our contact info for this stuff is customer [at] badtimingrecords [dot] com.

Contact Us

We felt weird having a generic, fill-in-a-form, enter-in-a-captcha page for our website's "contact" section. So here's the information you need to reach us directly.

If you have a question about a product, a shipping charge, an order or anything else that falls into the general category of "customer service," please email customer [at] badtimingrecords [dot] com.

For general inquiries, for anything else related to Bad Timing Records at all, or to chit-chat about how your day is going, please email thomas or zack [at] badtimingrecords [dot] com.

If you're looking for a graphic design / art layout dude, Matt Delisle does most of everything you see in our releases. Email him at matt [at] badtimingrecords [dot] com. When you decide to start your own record label, contact Jesse Cannon so he can master your audio for this format. After that, go to Salt Mastering to get your reference acetates and master lacquers made. It'll add a little bit to your project's final costs, but it's worth it. Finally, when you're ready to press the damn records, we recommend A to Z Media, and we recommend that you sell them through Limited Run, a great webstore with a couple of awesome guys–the Mango brothers–running it behind the scenes.