Bad Timing Records - Kevin Devine - Between the Concrete & Clouds (Deluxe)

Kevin Devine Between the Concrete & Clouds


Between the Concrete & Clouds is 10 years old now, and we're happy to bring you a very special anniversary pressing. The first Bad Timing Records pressing of this album came on 500 copies of a 12" LP in 2019. This 10-year anniversary pressing sees an expansion to a 2xLP with a whole new second disc, plus gatefold LP packaging.

The second disc includes two unreleased studio tracks from the BTC&C era ("Keep Me In Your Pocket" and "I'll Try"), plus a live four-song Little Videos session and a live four-song Session both originally recorded in 2011. Check out the full tracklisting for both discs below, in the pressing info.

The 2xLP is limited to 500 units on Olive Green, Purple, Slate Tri-Color (A/B Disc) / Olive Green with Slate Splatter (C/D Disc). You can see pictures on this page. The street date for this release is October 22, 2021; all purchases of the second pressing will come with a digital download of the full 20-track deluxe album on October 21. Vinyl will be shipping soon.

Please note: This page also includes leftover copies of the original Bad Timing Records first pressing of this album from 2019. These are 12" LPs (do not include the new second disc), and accordingly are cheaper.

Bundles: Alongside this anniversary pressing of Between the Concrete & Clouds, we also have a 15-year anniversary pressing of Put Your Ghost To Rest and a, um, 14-year anniversary pressing of the 2007 Tour EP. Find bundles here.

Pressing Information

Second Pressing 2xLP:
500 - Olive Green, Purple, Slate Tri-Color (A/B Disc) / Olive Green with Slate Splatter (C/D Disc)

First Pressing 12" LP:
150 - Concrete (Gray with Black Marble)
350 - Clouds (Clear Blue with White Smoke)


First Disc (original album)
1. Off-Screen
2. The First Hit
3. Sleepwalking Through My Life
4. Awake in the Dirt
5. Between the Concrete & Clouds
6. 11-17
7. Wait Out the Wreck
8. A Story, A Sneak
9. The City Has Left You Alone
10. I Used to Be Someone

Second Disc (10-year anniversary bonus songs)
1. Keep Me In Your Pocket
2. Off-Screen (Little Videos Session)
3. Sleepwalking Through My Life (Little Videos Session)
4. 11-17 (Little Videos Session)
5. I Used to Be Someone (Little Videos Session)
6. I'll Try
7. Off-Screen ( Session)
8. 11-17 ( Session)
9. A Story, A Sneak ( Session)
10. Between the Concrete & Clouds ( Session)