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Cassino Sounds of Salvation


Sounds of Salvation wasn’t pressed for 13 years, and we were happy to correct that oversight earlier this year by bringing it to LP format for the first time with a first pressing of 500 units. We were surprised and excited to see the reaction to it … so we’ve got here a second press of 300 more units on black 12” vinyl. Copies of the second pressing will ship immediately.

You can also purchase a bundle here with the third pressing of Acceptance’s Phantoms and the second pressing of Valencia’s We All Need A Reason To Believe.

At the time of its release, Sounds of Salvation fit nicely into the niche of many mid-2000s acoustic side projects. Cassino featured Northstar bandmates Nick Torres and Tyler Odom, who started writing the songs for this self-released album following Northstar's break-up.

More than a decade later, though, this LP and 2009's stripped-down Kingprince still stand out, identified by strong songwriting and Torres' instantly recognizable vocals, which can sound so purposeful at times and so easygoing and effortless at others. Songs like "The Gin War," "American Low" and "Governor" are stand-outs that still sound fresh today. We hope this release invites you to revisit this wonderful album -- find it on Apple Music, Spotify or Bandcamp.

While live performances may remain very infrequent, Cassino is hardly a retired project. Torres has continued under the name, releasing a full-length called Yellowhammer just last month. It's the first Cassino LP since 2009 and you can find it on Apple Music and Spotify.

Pressing Information

Second Pressing:
300 - Black

First Pressing:
200 - Transparent Brown
300 - White