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Mansions Dig Up The Dead


A couple few years ago, what is time anyway, we were freaked out by the opportunity to press the acoustic version of Mansions' incredible 2011 album Dig Up The Dead on vinyl for the first time. Now, we're still freaking out and we're bringing you a new pressing of the record in its original presentation.

Dig Up The Dead should need no introduction in this space, but suffice to say for now that it's a special piece of indie/emo that established a dedicated following upon its original release seven years ago and has somehow continued to grow in the intervening years. The first verse of the opening title track still stands out to me, still gives me chills even after an untold number of listens.

This pressing of Dig Up The Dead is limited to 500 copies on a beautiful White Inside Transparent Orange variant. You can see photos of the variant in the images on the left of this page (or on the top of the page, if you're on a pocket computer).

Through now more than six years of running BTR, working with Mansions stands out as one of our absolute highlights and we hope this release inspires you to rediscover Dig Up The Dead this fall [here's a Bandcamp link], which is objectively the best season to listen to this album.

Pressing Information

500 - Dig Up The Dead - White In Transparent Orange

Bundle Option: Dig Up The Dead + New Best Friends for $27 (save $4)
500 - Dig Up The Dead - White In Transparent Orange
500 - New Best Friends - Cloudy Clear