Bad Timing Records - Devinyl Splits No. 9: Petal x Kevin Devine

Petal x Kevin Devine Devinyl Splits No. 9


Devinyl Splits No. 9 is the third split in Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2. It features Petal on Side A and Kevin Devine on Side B. The split will be released on Sept. 28, 2018, with digital downloads being delivered to your inbox before the release date. The 7"s will ship in advance of the release date.

Both artists chose to cover songs by Tom Petty for this split. Petal covers "You Got Lucky," one of Petty's most popular tracks, from the 1982 album Long After Dark. The down-tempo cover allows vocalist Kiley Lotz to shine alongside a sleepy, strumming guitar. This cover feels like it was built for listening to while leaning back in a very comfy chair on your porch if you have a porch. Otherwise, we encourage listening to it mostly everywhere else as well. Petal released their sophomore full-length album, Magic Gone, this year on Run For Cover Records.

Listen to Petal's cover of "You Got Lucky" now on Paste Magazine.

Kevin Devine covers "Into The Great Wide Open" from Petty's album of the same name, which was released in 1991.

Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2 is a year-long split series featuring Kevin Devine and a variety of partners. One split will be released every other month. The preceding entries in Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2 were Devinyl Splits No. 8: David Bazan x Kevin Devine and Devinyl Splits No. 7: Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers x Kevin Devine. Additionally, due to the delay earlier in the release schedule, we released Devinyl Splits: Unplanned Service Changes, a digital-only split featuring the band Worriers alongside Devine.

On this page you can purchase Devinyl Splits No. 9 on yellow 7" vinyl. There is an additional colorway of this split, which is half yellow / half clear, and this variant is made available only to those who purchased the Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2 Express Line Subscription. This split is also available on Bandcamp and in Europe via Big Scary Monsters.

Pressing Information

250 - Half Clear / Half Yellow [Subscriber exclusive]
500 - Yellow