BTR-007 Announcement: Park's first new music in 8 years, the Jacob The Rabbit EP!

So, yeah, we can't count – we know BTR-008 came before BTR-007 – but we couldn't be happier to finally reveal this release. One of our favorite emo bands from the early/mid-2000s, Park, announced their reunion in May of last year, and we reached out to them about maybe doing something together expecting that the conversation probably wouldn't get very far. 

Almost a year later, we're happy to announce that we will release Park's first new music since 2006, a three-song EP called Jacob The Rabbit, on 10" vinyl on July 15, 2014. Right now, you can check out a teaser video of the EP and get familiarized with the hub for all information about this release on 

Jacob The Rabbit is a concept EP which serves as a prelude to a full-length that Park is working on now. It's based on a story written by frontman Ladd Mitchell. To do this release the right way, we knew we'd have to go all out–we put together what we think is some pretty killer packaging. 

The one-sided 10" vinyl–limited to 1,000 units on four variants–is packaged in a matte jacket and features a screenprint of the logos associated with the story on the B-side. Also in the jacket is a 16-page 7" booklet that contains the story, illustrations, lyrics, credits and more. We LOVE this EP, and we really hope you guys will, too–check out some photos below!