Started In A Bedroom, Now We’re Here (In A Different Bedroom)

Hi everyone, 

This is the new Bad Timing Records website! Hope you guys like it. We’re launching it today–July 15, 2014–because our label is now officially one year old. Last year on this day, we released the first-ever vinyl pressing of Acceptance’s Phantoms, which sold out in about 4 hours. 

Since then, we’ve had six more releases–reissuing Valencia’s pop-punk classic We All Need A Reason To Believe, working with one of our favorite artists in Chris Browder to bring new life to Mansions’ New Best Friends, striking up a partnership with Hopeless Records to release a tour split for Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep, pressing Knuckle Puck’s The Weight That You Buried on the craziest day in our short history, and most recently, having the honor to deliver Park’s first new release in eight years, the Jacob The Rabbit EP. 

The most latter of those, Park’s Jacob The Rabbit, is official out today as well. So today’s a big day for us. Before we get on with anything else, we want to ask you guys to check out that EP–it’s streaming in full on–because Park is simply an essential alt-rock / emo band that everyone should hear, and these three songs are among the best they’ve ever written. We wanted its release to be a big deal, and we want to see Park welcomed back into this community with open arms…so we simply ask you to give it a stream.

Now, to celebrate our first birthday, we thought it would be cool to shed some light on what we’ve been doing over the past year. If you’re reading this, chances are high that we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without you, so we want to thank everyone who has supported BTR in our first year. We promise that we’ve got a lot more stuff in the works and that you’re only going to be seeing more of us in the near future–actually, we’re pretty sure we’ll double our discography before spring ends in 2015. That will include everything from some collaborations with established, near-legendary musicians to the release of an album from the first band we’ve signed–a band that we can promise you you’ve never heard. 

We’re more excited than ever for the future of BTR, but today is a day to celebrate the past year (and listen to Park a lot). Check out an infographic below that Thomas made with his incredibly basic Photoshop skills that sorta shows a few key facts and figures from the last year–from the first day of the label to that Knuckle Puck release I mentioned above, and a bunch of stuff in between. We hope you guys enjoy the look inside what we’ve been doing, and we hope you’ll stick around for what we will be doing. 

Timing Is Everything.