We're Bad Timing Records and we're releasing Acceptance's Phantoms on vinyl for the first time.

Hi guys.

We're happy to announce today that our first release, BTR-001, is Acceptance's "Phantoms" LP on vinyl for the first time ever! We're honored to be working with Sony/Columbia on releasing this in this format for the very first time.

We're happy to tell you guys as well that these records are already in stock and they will be for sale tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16, at 2pm EST. Check out some photos! 

First, some info on the release! The first pressing is 1,000 units. 200 are Half Clear / Half Royal Blue, 300 are on Dark Blue w/ White & Grey Marble and 500 are on Transparent Royal Blue. 

Some more info. The jacket is a standard, full-color jacket. The record is housed in a full-color insert. One side has all the lyrics, while the other has thank-yous (the band wrote a lot in the original release) along with a few photos from the original lyric booklet. We are very proud to have so much of the original lyric booklet represented in the LP art, and we have to thank our friends Mitchell Wojcik and Matt Delisle for helping us make the art so rad. 

Lastly, we know you've never heard of us. And we know that might make you a little wary about ordering a record, even if it's a record you love dearly, from a label you've never heard of. Bad Timing Records is run by me, Thomas Nassiff, and one of my greatest friends, Zack Zarrillo. 

I have over two years of experience label managing and doing mail-order for Paper + Plastick Records. I know that might worry you, too, if you were a customer of ours when we had a bad vinyl delay, as we're sometimes known to have. But there's no delay here. As you can see, the records are in. They're shipping beginning the weekend of July 26-28. I didn't want to do a lengthy preorder. I wanted you guys to see it, get excited, and not have to wait very long to see it on your doorstep. It was hard to do this with our first release ever, but I'm happy that we were able to. Oh, I have also written for AbsolutePunk.net for a few years, done some publicity shit for some bands, and now I work at Fuse in New York City.

Zack has run the website PropertyOfZack.com for a long while, and started a management company called Rocky Point Management recently. He manages the band Light Years. We think that together, we have a pretty good mind about ourselves and how we want to run our new label.

We'll start by making sure this is one of the smoothest pre-orders you've ever experience. Already, we have taken massively important steps to make sure this awesome record gets the finest treatment possible. We had it mastered for vinyl, then we went to a separate mastering plant to get a reference and acetate done. It cost a little more, but wait till you hear how it sounds! There are some little parts of this record that I swear I've never heard before. The art is taken directly from the CD packaging in the form of high-res image scans. Believe me. We thought of everything we could think of to make this release as special as possible while keeping it at a price point that everybody could access.

We hope you guys are happy to see this thing finally out on vinyl. We know we are.