The Early November - Fifteen Years


Fifteen Years is a career-spanning look back at one of the most important indie rock bands of our time. Its 15 songs (tracklisting below) are pulled from every single release of the band's career, freshly recorded in a new light. Frontman Ace Enders engineered, mixed and mastered the album, which sees the group stripping down these tracks and presenting them in an acoustic format.

Track Listing

Side A: 
1. Narrow Mouth
2. Outside
3. Mountain Range In My Living Room
4. Boxing Timelines
5. Tell Me Why
Side B: 
6. A Little More Time
7. Decoration
8. Call Off The Bells
9. Frayed In Doubt
10. I Don’t Care
Side C: 
11. In Currents
12. Figure It Out
13. Driving South
14. Sunday Drive
15. Ever So Sweet


250 - Half Deep Red / Half Clear with Deep Red Splatter (Side A/B) 
750 - Half Deep Red / Half Clear (Side A/B)