Devinyl Splits No. 2: Kevin Devine, Meredith Graves


Devinyl Splits is a six-part split 7" series featuring Kevin Devine and friends. We will release one 7" every other month or so throughout 2015. Each split will feature one song from Kevin Devine and one song from a partner.

The second split (out May 26) is with Meredith Graves, frontwoman of Perfect Pussy

Track Listing

Side A: 
Meredith Graves - took the ghost to the movies
Side B:
Kevin Devine - Gießen


100 - Clear w/ Tan Splatter (Subscriber Exclusive Variant)
850 - Solid Tan (Also available internationally via Big Scary Monsters; to be available from Meredith on tour and via Meredith's label, Captured Tracks)