Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home


This is a five-song EP on a 7" record housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket. The deluxe EP also features "Townsend," a previously unreleased song.

Maybe you discovered Knuckle Puck when they put out The Weight That You Buried in 2013, or their split with Neck Deep in February of 2014. Maybe you heard about them pretty recently, when we released their most massive EP yet, While I Stay Secluded, in October 2014. No matter when you hopped on the KP bandwagon, though, it's essential for fans to know about Don't Come Home

Track Listing

  1. Townsend
  2. Give Up
  3. Dead Wrong
  4. Stuck
  5. Woodwork


250 - Yellow with Red, White and Black Splatter 
500 - Yellow with Black Splatter 
750 - Solid Yellow (also available from KP on tour and internationally via Banquet!)