Real Friends - Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life


The Three Songs 7" comes out on November 6th through Bad Timing Records. The two year anniversary of the release marks the first time the Real Friends EP has been put on vinyl.

The 7" plays at 45RPM and features newly completed back and insert artwork from Gary Weissmann.

Track Listing

Side A: 

1. Dirty Water

Side B: 

2. Hebron
3. Alexander Supertramp


Second Press
700 - Yellow 
300 - Yellow with Green Splatter

First Press
300 - Brown with Beige A-side / B-side style [BTR webstore only]
600 - Cloudy Clear with Red Splatter [BTR webstore only]
800 - Brown [Distro, tour, BTR webstore]
300 - Cloudy Clear [available via Banquet in the UK only]