Somos / Sorority Noise - Split


Two brand-new songs from Boston's Somos and Connecticut's Sorority Noise. 

Somos released their debut LP Temple of Plenty while Sorority Noise released their debut LP Forgettable both in 2014. We love both of those albums and we think these bands teaming up is such a cool combination for a split!

Track Listing

Side A: 

  1. Somos - Letters From An Absent Future
  2. Somos - Back And Forth

Side B: 

  1. Sorority Noise - Dobranoc
  2. Sorority Noise - Wesleyan's Best Dressed


First Press:
300 - Blue / Trans Blue Color-In-Color w/ Orange 
600 - Trans Blue w/ Silver Splatter [available from Sorority Noise on tour]
600 - Trans Blue w/ Green Splatter [available from Somos on tour]