Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost To Rest


Put Your Ghost to Rest is ten years old this year, and it hasn’t aged one bit. The album was produced by Rob Schnapf and marked the first of several future collaborations to come between the producer and Kevin Devine. While Kevin has many fan favorite songs, Ghost boasts major ones like “Brooklyn Boy” and “Just Stay,” which are still staples of his set ten years later.

Bad Timing has had the incredible pleasure of working with Kevin over the past eighteen months on about 10 different releases, and though we say something similar each time, we mean it when we say that being able to bring Ghost back to life on vinyl is one of the more special moments in this label’s history.

Track Listing

1. Brooklyn Boy
2. You're Trailing Yourself
3. Just Stay
4. You'll Only End Up Joining Them
5. A Billion Bees
6. Less Yesterday, More Today
7. Like Cursing Kids
8. Go Haunt Someone Else
9. The Burning City smoking
10. Me & My Friends
11. Trouble
12. Heaven Bound and Glory Be


250 - Orange / Green A-side / B-side AND Orange w/ Green, White, Black Splatter
400 - Orange / Green / White Tri-Color AND Orange w/ Green, White, Black Splatter
600 - Green AND Green