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Valencia Philadelphia, PA

Valencia’s three-album run between 2005 and 2010 will be remembered by many pop-punk fans as one of the more memorable runs of the late 2000s. Beginning with 2005’s This Could Be A Possibility and ending with 2010’s Dancing With A Ghost, the Philly-based quartet showed a massive evolution between their soaring pop-punk roots and their eventual transition into darker, grittier alt-rock. Sandwiched in between those two full-lengths is 2008’s masterful We All Need A Reason To Believe, a concise but satisfying midpoint between a feisty pop-punk core and huge, high-flying pop influences. Almost every song on the album sounds like it could be a single, with vocalist Shane Henderson often pulling no punches in delivering memorable one-liners over a catchy chorus. The album was reissued for the first time on vinyl by Bad Timing Records in December 2013.